TCM Proven Results

Proven Results with Tyler Content Manager

Proven Results with Tyler Content Manager

Say goodbye to piles of documents and folders full of files that have been handled too many times by too many of your employees.With Tyler Content Manager those misplaced, misfiled and just plain missing documents become a thing of the past.

Quick and Easy Document Retrieval

TCM is an intuitive and powerful indexing and search system that allows you to quickly retrieve documents, without having to understand arcane directory structures. Simple key word searches produce the documents you want, while letting you view all other logically related documents.

Supports Native File Formats

TCM supports a variety of electronic file formats for scanned images, work processing documents and spreadsheets. It also accepts other electronically received content such as faxes, TIFF images, PDF, and more that can be saved in the same location regardless of format.  

Powerful Management

TCM offers capture content from multiple sources, OCR and full text searching, full-featured records management, redaction software and services, a reporting and report writer, extensive security, audit and versioning, and add-on applications.

OCR and Full Text Searching

Proper organization and indexing of documents is paramount to whether or not your electronic content is useful and meaningful. Tyler Content Manager uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow a query on the full text of any scanned document, as well as text-based files such as MS Word and Excel.

Extensive Security, Audit and Versioning

Keep confidential information secure with the extensive built-in security features of Tyler Content Manager—whether it be user-specific or content specific. With the built in versioning and audit trail functions, see who has modified information. Compare versions, or restore content from previous versions.

Take It a Step Further
Use Tyler Content Manager to publish public information and redacted documents online with our public access product.

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