Tyler Drive

Tyler Drive School Transportation Software Solutions

Tyler Drive — Complete On-Board Student Transportation Solution

One-of-a-kind solution designed for the student transportation industry

Watch this video for a quick overview of Tyler Drive!

Tyler Drive™ is an innovative, mobile solution uploaded to a semi-rugged tablet and mounted on school bus consoles. The ultimate onboard solution Tyler Drive keeps your buses on course, trims excess costs from your payroll, and generates documentation needed for reporting and reimbursement. 

With 4G service and cloud-based software, Tyler Drive closes the gaps in school bus transportation — it stems the losses caused by outdated timekeeping software, substitute drivers navigating unfamiliar routes and incomplete documentation for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting and state reimbursement. 

Tyler Drive helps you achieve a seamless and cost effective transportation system.

Support Drivers with State-of-the-Art Navigation

Navigate Planned Routes
Tyler Drive displays a route imported from Versatrans or Traversa. The map detail shows the highlighted route and step-by-step text and audio instructions to reach the next scheduled stop. Route changes can be pushed to the device in real time.

Tyler Drive Routing

Reroute as Needed
Tyler Drive helps your drivers handle unanticipated road closures or missed stops by providing alternate routing to the planned destination. When rerouting to missed stops, Tyler Drive finds a new route that will maintain right-side routing.

Student Identification
As the bus arrives at the scheduled stop, Tyler Drive displays the students boarding or disembarking, as well as any special student support information. Student ridership scans can be managed on the tablet via near-field communication (NFC) cards or badges.

Tyler Drive Student Scan

Manage Transportation from the Bus

Designed for School Buses
The Tyler Drive semi-rugged tablet is specifically built to withstand road vibration and day-long use. The locking tablet docking station charges the tablet from the bus so you never have to worry about running out of power. Two mounting arm lengths allow for optimal mounting position on the dash. 

Tyler Drive Tablet

With 4G LTE connectivity, a quad core processor and an Android processing system, the tablet keeps the cloud-based Tyler Drive program in constant contact with district servers.

State Requirements
Tyler Drive prompts drivers to take state-mandated breaks and requires drivers to document if they were taken or postponed. The time and attendance data helps districts track full- and part-time employees for ACA reporting. Managing time and attendance for monitors and aids ensures streamlined reporting for state aid reimbursement.

Time Savings
With a Tyler Drive tablet mounted in each bus, your team of drivers and transportation aids can log in and out without delay, ensuring the district is not paying for unnecessary downtime. Full time clock capabilities are also integrated into the device, allowing for multiple shifts in a day.