Tyler Incident Management for Schools

Tyler Incident Management for Schools

Tyler Incident Management

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Tyler Incident Management Software for Schools

Software for Student Incident & Discipline Tracking at School and on the Bus

In today’s world, how a school district manages student incidents and discipline is widely scrutinized. Administrators are keenly aware of the importance of effective, timely and reportable management of all incidents that occur at school and on the bus — bullying, accidents, vandalism, disciplinary and medical issues.

Policy and procedural guidelines are becoming more and more detailed and school personnel are expected to attend more training sessions on how to handle these incidents, and to follow the processes put in place for the protection of the students and staff.

Tyler Incident Management provides the tools necessary for school administration and transportation professionals to easily record and manage all incidents that occur at school or on the bus including student discipline tracking. This flexible software solution can be set up to act in accordance with a district’s specific policies and procedures, allowing school officials to follow a consistent process every time.

Tyler Incident Management Benefits

  • Convenient and easy-to-use Web-based software
  • Easy attachment of all documents, such as photos and incident reports
  • Automatic association of similar or related incidents
  • Automated email notifications to appropriate personnel
  • Versatile incident reporting
  • Searchable internal knowledge base

Extending Functionality through Integration

With Tyler’s rich portfolio, you can enhance your Tyler Incident Management software solution by integrating it with other products such as:

Tyler Munis® — Tyler Incident Management interfaces directly with corresponding ERP applications such as Work Orders, Permits Complaints/Violations and Citizen Self Service. Integration saves time by eliminating redundancy and duplication of efforts, decreases the potential for double-keying errors and allows staff to remain effective and efficient.

Versatrans® — Tyler Incident Management interfaces directly with Versatrans Routing & Planning’s student, employee and vehicle information. This seamless integration saves time by eliminating redundancy and decreases the potential for double-keying errors.

Tracking Student Incidents & Discipline

Bullying incidents often have their own set procedures that need to be followed. For example, if a bullying incident is entered for a middle school student an email might be automatically generated and sent to the principal with instructions to request a meeting with the parents. At any time, school officials can check the status of the tasks associated with an incident. Tyler Incident Management software helps districts comply with any anti-bullying laws currently in effect and is flexible enough to accommodate any future legislation.

Incidents requiring disciplinary action can be recorded for both students and district employees. Keep a record of employee/parent conflicts and students who break the rules. The system can even be set up to track employee behavior.

Student Medical Incidents
Depending on the medical incident and the student, the proper steps could be critical to that student’s health and well-being. While the health of the student is the first priority, it is also important that all actions surrounding the incident be recorded properly.

School Bus Accidents
To ensure that the proper procedural guidelines are followed, dispatchers can search the knowledge base and determine whom they need to contact and in what order. The system also provides a guide for the type of information they need to collect, so that even in a stressful situation, nothing is forgotten.

School Building and Bus Vandalism
From graffiti on the walls to holes in bus seats, districts can record all acts of vandalism. Built in procedure guidelines can be set to automatically inform mechanics or buildings and grounds staff of the incident. If a student can be identified, an email is sent to alert the principal or other district personnel, so that the appropriate next steps may be taken.