Tyler Pulse for Government

Tyler Pulse for Government

Tyler Pulse for State & Local Government

Tyler Pulse empowers business managers, Human Resource directors, finance directors, elected officials, mayors and so on with information to perform duties that keep local government running smoothly and efficiently.

Pulse Advanced Analytics accumulates raw data, combines and creates information, computes manager information, stores raw and computed information together, transforms it into highly usable and reliable information, and delivers it to anyone in the organization who needs reliable information in an easy-to-use format.

How Tyler Pulse Works for State & Local Government

Pulse for Local Government provides a standard model designed to deliver management information from Tyler applications. Pulse also provides a Government Statistics web site or web components for both top government management as well as public access.

Pulse provides basic operational statistics and information, and can easily expand to include unique data from the city/county/state including data from other non-Tyler data sources. This information delivery is formatted for very quick review. It is designed to highlight trends, exceptional areas of the organization, operational statistics and general access to information. Extensive drilling to detail/supporting data is provided for more extensive research. Since this data is automatically updated from all of the current systems in use in the organization, very little day-to-day support is required for its use and implementation.

The standard module is also designed for quick integration with other Tyler application data for consolidated management.

Advanced Analytics — Data Put to Use

Tracking KPIs (key performance indicators) such as citizen approval ratings, response times for services, business transactions with minority/women owned enterprises and so on. These activities generate massive amounts of valuable data with different procedures and data formats for each system and activity. How can this data create efficiencies and increase productivity? The answer is transforming data into information with Tyler Pulse advanced analytics. The dynamic result is that all stakeholders are empowered by information—not overwhelmed by data.

Information Delivered Fast

Pulse produces consistent sub-second response times, and delivers information via browsers, spreadsheets, email, text messaging, PDF and other graphic types, analytical evaluation tools and data interfaces. This information can be used for budget projections, human resource activities, payroll and more.

Supported data interfaces between application systems can eliminate the need for more expensive and labor-intensive interface tools.

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