Tyler Pulse for Schools

Tyler Pulse for Schools

Cloud-Based Solutions

Tyler Cloud-Based Solutions

Tyler Pulse for Schools is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler is committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site. Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.

Tyler Pulse for School Districts

Use Tyler Pulse to make informed decisions based on all available data

Informed decision-making is the only reasonable approach to management of any organization. Many school districts are told that they need a costly data warehouse to support this process, when what they really need is highly processed information that they can obtain from Tyler Pulse.

Pulse is an information warehouse tool that acts as a central repository and combines and transforms data from multiple databases within your district into highly usable information that is easily accessible and delivered in a useful format.

Whether you are a teacher, IT director, superintendent or assistant superintendent, business manager, transportation director, finance director or HR director, Tyler Pulse can reliably and accurately deliver the information you need, when you need it, to make informed decisions for student needs and achievement.

How Pulse Works for School Districts

Tyler Pulse does it all — accumulates raw data, combines and creates information, computes manager information, stores raw and computed information together, and transforms it into highly usable and reliable information. Then, Pulse securely delivers the data to anyone in the school district who needs to access it — all in an easy-to-use format. No other school district management system does more.

  • Superintendents and district staff interactively use statistical data and analysis to manage district business and provide strategic leadership by using information at their fingertips.
  • Principals see and track achievement by student, by classroom, by teacher and by student group, with simple point and click access to school information and in-depth awareness of operational trends.
  • Teachers proactively review all records of students entering their class for a new year, and understand the needs of every student and the classroom as a whole by learning objectives.
  • Parents review their child’s class work and progress with teachers, see how it compares with classmates and use this information to help their child become a better student.
  • Transportation professionals monitor their key performance indicators (KPI) to ensure they are running an efficient operation, and to spot trends and identify anomalies in data that otherwise might go unnoticed and unmanaged.

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