Identify At Risk Students

Identify At-Risk Students with Tyler Pulse

Identify At-Risk Students

You’ve collected data for each student. Do you have the information you need to identify
at-risk students?

You will when you use Tyler Pulse.

Tyler Pulse takes data, such as attendance, discipline, GPA, state assessment and demographics (homeless, LEP, etc.), and returns the management information you need to identify at-risk students, and to make appropriate decisions about each one.

Tyler Pulse for schools

Combines … multiple databases to publish INFORMATION not more data

Easily Integrates

  • Student assessment with your current student SIS transactional data
  • State and district assessment and grade data with financial data
  • With Tyler Munis® Financial Management or your current Financial Management system
  • With Tyler SIS, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus and others
  • Other data sources, such as Special Education, Transportation, Cafeteria and more

Enhances … the value of your SIS

Tyler Pulse — a tool that brings data to life and empowers you to advance student achievement

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