Student Discipline

Tyler SIS Discipline

Tyler SIS Student Discipline

Powerful features to simplify the discipline process.

Automate the discipline and suspension process with the Tyler SIS Student Discipline module, part of the Tyler SIS product suite. This feature-rich tool provides the functionality you need to efficiently manage difficult student situations — helping you to maintain a safe school environment.

Key Features of Tyler SIS Student Discipline

Tyler SIS Student Discipline has the capability to track all discipline events during or after school hours, link one or several students to an issue and incorporate corrective measure plans based on school policy and teacher input. The solution even allows for a review process by a counselor, principal or dean to ensure that all issues are properly addressed. Adding notes, comments or documentation to an individual incident further defines the issue and subsequent plan of action.

Student discipline also features:

  • Selection based on school policy corrective measures.
  • Built-in review processes.
  • Guidelines for documentation to handle critical student situations, meeting the No Child Left Behind requirements for violence protection.
  • Easy reporting of individual, school or district trends.
  • Tracking of habitual occurrences.
  • Immediate availability of incidents and corrective measures online, districtwide — enhancing student, teacher and principal safety.
  • Integrated with Tyler SIS Attendance and Gradebook.
  • Ability to meet state reporting requirements.

Complete Reporting

Use Tyler SIS student discipline to create:

  • Trend reports — Identify and track common discipline issues, indicating any student behavior patterns at the school, district and state levels.
  • Incident reports — Record related student, conference, court hearing and police information. Track suspension or expulsion dates, as well as “special” services lost as a result of such disciplinary action.
  • Disciplinary letters — Creates documents that can be sent to parents and/or kept in the student record.

Reports can also be generated based on demographics, incident, time period, location, school, grade, teacher, student and date. Once created, you can create greater transparency by publishing reports to the Tyler SIS Parent Portal — making them easily, securely available to others.