Tyler SIS Attendance

Tyler SIS Attendance

Easily track and manage your students

With the Tyler SIS Attendance application, you can perform student-centered administration, analysis, reporting and notification. As part of the Tyler SIS product suite, this robust attendance software is tailored to fit your school's unique needs at the district, school or grade level. Tyler SIS Attendance provides districtwide access to attendance information and also provides parents with views of their children's attendance records.

Save Time with Tyler SIS Attendance

Tracking students and staff has never been easier — or faster — with our integrated, customizable and accessible attendance solution.

  • Track and post attendance in a simple online format.
  • Track students and staff separately or as a whole.
  • Post a photograph for easy identification.
  • Account for planned absences in advance.
  • Mark tardy arrival or early dismissal, with time stamp recorded.
  • Create individual or group-wide attendance function.
  • Add, edit and view pertinent student data and make it available to parents.
  • View up-to-date, school-wide attendance.

Full Functionality

Full functionality in Tyler SIS attendance means you have the right tools to maximize efficiency. Create school-specific calendars to denote holidays, in-service days, half-days and other known non-school days — and automatically exclude these days from the normal attendance calendar. Teachers can mark daily attendance for each class they teach and print absences on a student's report card. All information is updated and reported in real time.

With Tyler SIS Attendance you can also:

  • Access comprehensive attendance reports:
    • Post daily and periodic attendance.
    • Update team attendance.
    • View daily attendance by date or as a monthly summary.
    • Update student attendance.
  • View attendance at the district, school grade level, classroom and home room levels.
  • Create groups to take attendance or dismissals at any level — district-wide, for a particular grade or a sport team.
  • Create a building entry/exit log to track student activity.
  • Calculate to the minute to determine half-day versus full-day attendance.
  • Track attendance times and changes in an audit log, reducing errors and duplication of records.
  • Integrate with third party biometrics and ID scanners.

Complete Reporting

Easily create, view or publish reports in real time with Tyler SIS Attendance. All reports are Department of Education (DOE) and No Child Left Behind compliant, ensuring you always meet important federal requirements.

Attendance offers:

  • Comprehensive state reporting.
  • School-level reports.
  • Generation of daily attendance bulletin with announcements.
  • Student truancy with corresponding alerts and parent letters.
  • Monthly summary reports based on selected demographic or educational criteria or by student.
  • Auto-generation of absent or tardy roster.
  • Student multiple enrollment data for aggregated report generation.
  • Perfect attendance reporting.
  • ADA and ADM reporting.