Fees and Billing

Tyler SIS Fees & Billing

Tyler SIS Fees & Billing

Feature-rich application for all your essential billing functions.

Simplify the tracking and management of student fees and invoices with Tyler SIS Fees and Billing, part of Tyler’s complete student information solution.This easy-to-use, feature-rich application follows the life of the invoice from creation to payment — helping simplify student invoicing for courses, registrations, teams and fines.

Tyler SIS Fees and Billing is an automated system that creates invoices for a student based on their selections at the time of their enrollment and scheduling. The solution easily integrates with the student database, and can also be integrated with a school's financial system for accounting and cash reconciliation purposes.

Key Features of Tyler SIS Fees & Billing:

  • Accept, track and apply payments against existing invoices or hold for future applications
  • Create accounts
  • Create fee codes:
    • Use fee codes to identify what the money is collected for and route the money to the proper bank account
    • Attach Fee Codes to grade levels or courses — when a new student enrolls in a school, easily generate or automate the process of creating registration or technology fees
    • Generate deposits — money collected is either cashed and deposited into the bank daily, or held in a cash clearing account until cashed out and deposited into the bank
    • Use ad hoc attachments to assign fees to individuals or groups for fines, etc.
  • Use Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services for:
    • Generating and printing bills
    • Printing statements
    • Easily printing receipts
  • Transfer funds between accounts — this process facilitates payment of monies owed from one school to another for services or goods. Useful when schools in a district have their own bank accounts.
  • Produce powerful reports — highly customizable reports designed to meet individual needs whether you use the push-button standard reports or create ad hoc reports for unique needs
    • Click-and-drag report query tool
    • Customize the templates included
    • Create your own screen view