Tyler SIS Gradebook

Tyler SIS Gradebook

Simplify grading with one powerful solution.

Part of the Tyler SIS product suite, Tyler's SIS Gradebook makes it easy to log and track student course work, grades and attendance efficiently and effectively. Perform student-centered administration, analysis, reporting and notification within one powerful solution.

Use Tyler SIS Gradebook to:

  • Accurately calculate averages.
  • Easily track individual achievement scores.
  • Appropriately measure students against state or district-defined standards and benchmarks.

Grading Made Easy

With the Tyler SIS Gradebook application, you can automatically generate and organize your gradebook from class schedules and rosters — which can be immediately available for attendance and grade entry. During the school year, Gradebook calculates student grades. Final grades, with optional comments, are posted and reported to each student's academic history.

With Tyler SIS Gradebook you can also:

  • Grade students online.
  • Auto fill the same grade for multiple students with a single entry.
  • Create course work categories, such as tests, homework and midterms.
  • Customize letter grade and weighted averages.
  • Add or edit grades in one place for the entire class.
  • Add or edit teacher comments based on student performance.
  • Print student grades.
  • Email or print report cards.

Implement a Streamlined, Paperless Process

Tyler SIS Gradebook provides school districts with a streamlined, paperless process for managing student grades. This powerful and competitive application imports grades, defines incentive points, calculates cumulative GPA and class rank, and shows the total number of credits earned — broken down by class — for each student.

Additional features include:

  • Interactivity with standardsbased assessments.
  • Simple click-and-go grade entry screen.
  • Accumulative and detailed view.
  • Alerts for attendance, dropouts and course work.
  • Automated alerts to e-mail parents, administrators and counselors.
  • Electronic sticky notes for custom comments.
  • Both a traditional and a standards-based grade book.
  • Ability to enter assignment descriptions, include links to external sites, attach documents and publish to the Tyler SIS Parent Portal.
  • Loading and integration of state test scores
  • Storage of multiple retake scores per assignment, with an option to choose the high, low, average or most recent score.
  • Full integration with Tyler SIS Scheduling.

Complete Reporting

Create reports with ease — such as classroom rosters and honor roll lists — and view a real-time status of credits earned toward graduation requirements.

Reports include:

  • Enrollment by school or course.
  • Honor roll.
  • Grade distribution.
  • Absenteeism during grading term.
  • Midterm, progress, term, semester and annual report cards with address labels.
  • Student transcripts.
  • Athletic ineligibility due to grades.
  • Grades based on state requirement.