Health and Immunization

Tyler SIS Health & Immunization

Tyler SIS Health & Immunization

Take control of your students’ records

Tyler SIS Health and Immunization makes it easy to streamline your student health records. This critical information is essential to your school management, and now it’s easier than ever to enter, track, manage and search for the health information you need — when you need it.

This robust software module, which is part of the Tyler SIS product suite, effectively handles all student health data, through the establishment of multiple-year records for mandated student health and immunizations.

Compliant with privacy and confidentiality requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), a district can define state, district and school required medical and immunization codes — and tailor them to individual or specified groups of students.

Put Medical Information at Your Fingertips

With Tyler SIS Health and Immunization, a student health record is automatically created when a student is registered. That means the student's medical information is available right away. You can also control which data is recorded — and easily update students’ data throughout the year. Data such as:

  • Health office visits
  • Allergy or other medical information
  • Student medication administration
  • Exempt students/immunizations
  • Student immunization assignment
  • Grade immunization assignment and reports
  • Student Medicaid qualifications, in compliance with No Child Left Behind
  • Student record shows history of health screenings — dental, growth and development, hearing and spinal

Access Powerful Capabilities

This flexible software solution also makes it easy for necessary medical exams and immunizations to be scheduled on a per-student or grade-wide basis. You can also update and easily access a comments dictionary for commonly used terms or codes. Additional functions allow you to:

  • Schedule appointments for health visits.
  • Create health alerts to share with qualified staff.
  • Set up grade-level health screening.
  • Send automatic notifications for noncompliance issues.
  • Assign students to district-created programs.
  • Report on all student-assigned programs.
  • Create user-defined fields and columns in student record.

Realize the Benefits

A student's record is easily updated with health office visits, physical exams, health screenings, and immunizations. You can create and maintain a brief health profile, including allergy and medication information, for easy review of any student’s health status.

  • Automatically check for immunization compliance.
  • Track and report on residential status, including homeless situations.
  • Easily record, track and report student health information.
  • Immediately access health and immunization records.
  • Integrated with Tyler SIS Student Registration.