Tyler SIS Reporting

Tyler SIS Reporting

Efficiently generate and share reports

As you know, administrative reports are a necessary requirement for school, district, state and No Child Left Behind management and compliance. With Tyler SIS Reporting, part of the Tyler SIS product suite, you can easily create all of the reports you need — in daily, weekly and monthly formats. And you can be sure that your information is securely reported thanks to predetermined permission settings. Tyler SIS Reporting gives you the ability to completely, and simply, manage student and staff records so your teachers and administrators can tend to what they do best.

Flexible and Robust Reporting Capabilities

Tyler’s flexible and robust reporting capabilities help schools meet requirements, such as "highly qualified teachers" of the No Child Left Behind initiative, while also meeting individual needs. In addition, users can view and share electronic reports with the click of a button and export reports to meet a variety of layout needs.

  • Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services:
    • Pre-designed report formats, which can include colors and graphics
    • Report subscriptions determine user permissions per report
    • Reports can be scheduled to generate at predetermined times or intervals
    • A large number of canned and custom designed reports are provided
    • Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF, text or XML
  • Tyler’s Ad Hoc Reporting Utility:
    • Access to system default and user-defined data elements
    • Drag-and-drop data report creation, grouping, sorting and filtering
    • Export reports to HTML, Excel, text, RTF, MHT and PDF
    • Data report queries can be saved, scheduled, and published to other users
    • Report Template Designer provides capability to design formatted reports
    • Standard report templates can be modified and re-published to users
  • State Reporting Framework:
    • State reporting data collections are created and maintained by Tyler
    • Reports can be generated at any time
    • Extracted data is available for viewing, validating and editing prior to data file creation
    • State code tables are populated and maintained by Tyler