Tyler SIS Scheduling

Tyler SIS Scheduling

Streamline preparation and management of your schedules

Reduce schedule preparation time with the Tyler SIS Scheduling module, part of the Tyler SIS product suite. This dynamic and in-depth application offers a broad range of functions, including the integration and viewing of teacher availability, rooms and subject schedules.

Featuring the automatic master schedule generator, this advanced tool automatically creates a master class/course schedule once teachers, students, course requests, classrooms and exceptions are entered. This means counselors and schedulers no longer have to spend time using complicated charts and manually filling in the blanks — it’s all done for them.

Advantages of Using Tyler SIS Scheduling

Tyler SIS Scheduling helps you easily create, adjust, view and print schedules. Plus, you can create multiple schedule folders and combine more than one type of schedule. Tyler SIS Scheduling’s advanced schedule roll-over process copies mass schedules from the current academic year to the next — virtually eliminating costly re-creation time. In addition you can:

  • Add, edit, and view student data, such as current grade levels and subjects.
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to create class lists and walk-in schedules or to make course changes.
  • Assign or remove teachers from different grades and subjects.
  • Set up teacher availability for different classes.
  • Create schedules at the district and/or school level.
  • Print schedules as needed.
  • Establish daily and weekly calendars for flexible scheduling.

Easy Preparation of Schedules

Use Tyler SIS Scheduling to quickly prepare teacher, student and class schedules within a simple online process. Schedule types include:

  • Flexibility of terms
  • Tumbling Bell Schedule
  • Rotating Daily Schedule
  • Rotating Weekly Schedule
  • Block scheduling

Full Reporting

In addition to simplified preparation, Tyler SIS Scheduling also allows you to easily create reports on the final district or school schedule, including:

  • Master schedule by teacher, classroom or grade
  • Student schedule by term or year
  • Schedule summaries
  • Course tally, matrix and verification
  • Schedule statistics