Staff Management

Tyler SIS Staff Management

Tyler SIS Staff Management

Set a higher standard

Now you can easily oversee the processes and activities of your entire staff with the Tyler SIS Staff Management module, a part of the Tyler SIS product suite.

This robust application enables you to add, edit and view staff database records so you can effectively manage your resources and measure performance.

Maintain Standards for Highly Qualified Teachers

Monitor teacher achievements, goals and development plans — to guarantee you meet Highly Qualified Teacher and No Child Left Behind compliance. This solution makes adding and tracking a newly hired teacher’s schedules, qualifications, certifications and performance simple. In addition, you can:

  • Search existing or previous staff
  • Track daily staff attendance
  • Add a newly hired teacher
  • Assign teachers their grades, classes and subjects
  • Easily track staff qualifications and certifications online
  • Identify No Child Left Behind’s HOUSSE (high objective uniform state standard of evaluation) compliance
  • Maintain standards to ensure Highly Qualified Teachers, in accordance with the No Child Left Behind initiative

Organize Your Management Functions

With Tyler SIS Staff Management, you can greatly reduce the need for physical storage of paper, folders and filing cabinets — as well as the need for extra personnel to maintain and organize this data. By migrating to an electronic format, you can quickly and efficiently manage staff certification, history, demographics and other staff-related functions. You can even add staff photos for easy recognition and dynamically assign staff roles and track daily attendance. Additional functions include:

  • Add/edit/view school staff database within seconds
  • View staff daily schedule
  • Add/edit/track school staff performance
  • Suspend an existing staff member
  • Assign staff roles and application permissions
  • Assign each employee a unique user name and password