Student Registration

Tyler SIS Student Registration

Tyler SIS Student Registration

Streamline the student enrollment process with the student registration module, part of the Tyler SIS product suite. Dynamic, flexible and easy-to-use with advanced selection capabilities and easy database search flexibility make it easy for you to:

  • Customize and modify enrollment screens by adding data fields specific to your schools and arranging and adding screens as needed
  • Search student records by system-generated unique student ID, name, SSN, birth date and more for the current year or all years attended
  • Associate a student with more than one school
  • Attach necessary documents to a student record, such as a birth certificate
  • Automatically maintain proper entry and withdrawal dates and codes for previous school enrollment history

Tyler SIS Student Registration integrates fully with Tyler SIS Health and Immunization, Student Discipline, Scheduling and Attendance, making administration of your student body easy.

Student Registration Simplified

Once a student registration is entered into Tyler SIS Student Registration, associated tasks are automatically created and related functions are easily carried out. Update the student’s health history, assign registered classes and cross-reference personal information.

Available student-related tasks include:

  • Enroll a returning student
  • Assign each student to a specific grade, section and subjects, and set up required documents for each grade level
  • Easily create and track programs and services students are receiving in the district, such as LEP, ESL, Gifted and Talented, Special Ed, and Career and Technical
  • Set up required documentation for each grade, such as immunizations.
  • Add a student picture individually or by batch loading
  • Track student and sibling information
  • Mass transfer or enroll students to another grade or school location
  • Mass withdraw or graduate a class
  • Check a student’s active enrollment and enrollment history

Modifiable Student Information

With Tyler SIS Student Reistration, student information is completely modifiable:

  • Add, edit, or view student profile, parent, family and emergency contact and enrollment information
  • Change student ID
  • Update student status, such as registered, in process or suspended
  • Include demographics, such as picture, home and parent language, custody issues and identifying characteristics