Testing and Assessment

Tyler SIS Testing & Assessment

Tyler SIS Testing & Assessment

One integrated solution to deliver powerful results

Tyler SIS Testing and Assessment, part of the Tyler SIS product suite, delivers all of the testing and assessment functionality you need — all in one powerful solution. This integrated software enables you to easily access, compare, evaluate, and ultimately improve student achievement scores, all in accordance with the No Child Left Behind initiative.

Designed specifically to help curriculum directors, principals, counselors and teachers, Tyler SIS Testing and Assessment provides an easy way to track and accumulate data, analyze it and then compare the results to determine gaps and trends — and then implement appropriate interventions.

My Student Data

  • Access individual, class, subject, grade level, schoolwide and districtwide demographic and assessment data for use in planning classroom instruction.
  • Choose from predefined reports, or create your own assessment reports.
  • Load and categorize multiple types of assessments such as screening, diagnostic, progress monitoring and outcome measures.

On-demand Access to Information

Whether you prefer to create user-defined reports, or use the powerful report selection provided within the application, criteria-driven results are displayed in an easy-to-understand format. The Testing and Assessment module also allows districts and schools to easily import third party standardized testing data.

Plus you can securely provide access from the Student and Parent Data Portals. This Web-based interface enables students, parents and other designated parties within the district to view relevant data at any point in time.