Tyler Special Ed

Tyler Special Ed

Tyler Special Ed — A Software System Designed for Special Education Management

Helping you deliver on the promise of education for students with disabilities

Schools across the country provide development and educational opportunities for the millions of children with disabilities. The management of these special education programs can be complex — protecting the civil rights, meeting the individual needs, and improving the development and education results of infants, toddlers, children and youths with disabilities.

Schools, districts, and educators are accountable to parents, communities, and government to ensure that regulations are met, and that all students receive the opportunity to reach their individual potential. Meeting these needs requires significant management and planning, tracking, reporting, recordkeeping, and customizing a program for each student’s individual differences and needs.

Tyler Special Ed, our special education management software system, was developed to help meet those needs. Our solution will help you keep everything running smoothly while you strive to provide the best education for each child. We give you the tools to meet the needs of students, teachers and parents, and to stay compliant.

Assessment and Evaluation

Staying compliant means creating individual education programs (IEPs). Regularly maintaining and updating every student’s primary educational years until they are age 22 and beyond, can be challenging and time consuming.

Our special education management software helps by providing IEP compliance checks and built-in business logic at the field level. Educators can easily produce IEPs and evaluations by using drop-downs, lists and check boxes that streamline and enable fast production. This special education management tool also provides reporting templates, such as IEPs and evaluations due, services and IEP student listings, and case manager rosters. You can easily track data related to disabilities, case managers and other special services. The full IEP, including compliance checking, can be documented online per a state’s reporting requirements.

Tyler Special Ed provides seamless integration with Tyler SIS and the core data used for state reporting.

Managing Special Needs Transportation

Versatrans Routing & Planning has unsurpassed functionality for managing special needs student transportation, eliminating the need for separate applications and databases. Route your special needs students along with the rest of your student population with our powerful routing application. Versatrans enables transportation departments to comply with IEPs, provides a way to track special equipment and vehicle needs, and allows quick response to parental questions and concerns. Learn more about Versatrans Routing & Planning for your transporting your special needs students »

Full-Featured Special
Education Management System

  • Track student needs, case managers, minutes and more for state reporting
  • Produce comprehensive evaluations including all narrative and testing data information
  • Speed data input with WYSWYG entry screens that simulate the look of the finished document
  • Rely on real-time case manager work flow — view reminders of upcoming due dates, meetings and other events
  • Store and manage scanned documents and files for referrals and IEPs

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