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Versatrans Routing & Planning

School Bus Routing and District Planning Software

Improving operational workflow with smart, flexible tools

Versatrans Routing & Planning is the standard for flexible, easy-to-use school bus routing and district planning software. This software solution not only reduces workload but can also assist in reducing costs without reducing the level of service you currently provide. Routing & Planning's rich features and versatility make it an essential tool for both school bus routing as well as for boundary planning and redistricting.

Route Building & Planning Made Easy

Versatrans Routing & Planning is available to district of all sizes. It offers easy-to-use functionality that enables users to realize gains in routing efficiency, reduce operational costs, and conduct extensive route and district planning analysis, preparation and execution. Regardless of the size of your routing territory or ridership, or whether your territory is rural, suburban or urban, Routing & Planning enables you to improve your transportation operations.

To meet the individual needs of each district, two versions of Versatrans Routing & Planning are available. Both the Standard Edition and the Limited Edition come with Tyler's commitment to providing superior services and support.
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Boundary Planning and Redistricting Made Easy

Anticipating the needs of a fluctuating population can be challenging, which is what makes Tyler's Versatrans Routing & Planning an essential tool, not only for transportation officials, but also for school district administrators and planners.

As school district boundary software, Versatrans Routing & Planning automates the analysis of data, such as student populations, building capacities and community boundaries making the difficult process of planning easier to complete. Because there is no single, obvious and unanimously acceptable answer about how to perform planning, Routing & Planning creates multiple sets of interconnected data for easier comparison of alternative solutions
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Routing & Planning Companion Products

Versatrans Onscreen® — Routing & Planning exports planned routes into Onscreen for planned versus actual comparison. Streets and routes can be imported into Routing & Planning from Onscreen for GPS-accurate map updates and route building.

Versatrans e-Link® — Share user defined data from Routing & Planning on the web, giving district staff or even parents the ability to look up route information.

Versatrans Routing & Planning is SIF Certified

Versatrans Routing & Planning was not only the first school bus routing software but also the first software application to be SIF certified by the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (now the Access for Learning Community).

What Clients Say

Return on Investment
Across North America, schools use Versatrans Routing & Planning to create efficient, sensible bus routes, while reducing operational costs and saving schools thousands of dollars every year. Download Versatrans Routing & Planning ROI »

Tyler Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions
Versatrans Routing & Planning is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler remains committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site. 

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