Student Tracking

Versatrans Student Tracking

Versatrans Student Tracking — Complete Student Ridership Management

Achieve greater accountability and provide peace of mind

Versatrans Student Tracking is a tremendously valuable component to student ridership management that helps you achieve greater accountability and provide peace of mind to parents and guardians. Now dispatchers have instant access to information in real-time. They can track where and when each student gets on and off the bus, and easily identify when a student gets on or off at any point whether it’s their stop or not.

Tyler researched the tracking technology available today and determined that a contactless card reader and clamshell radio frequency identification (RFID) smart card provide the best combination of accuracy, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. Students need only to present their card to the reader to be confirmed as entering or exiting the bus. In many instances districts can use existing compatible RFID cards that may already be in use for lunch programs, library rentals, etc.

Benefits of Using Versatrans Student Tracking

  • Positive read confirmation
  • Scanners can be installed at each bus entry point
  • Standard RFID swipe cards
  • No personal data is stored on swipe cards or in the reader
  • Complete list of past scans for any student
  • Report on where and when students get on or off of a bus
  • HID iCLASS RW400 Contactless Smart Card Reader and HID iCLASS Contactless Clamshell Smart Card
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware and RFID cards
  • Solution includes both hardware and software

Solutions Required to Use Versatrans Student Tracking

Versatrans Routing & Planning — Intelligence comes directly from Routing & Planning,while Onscreen can display which students are to get on and off at which stops.
Versatrans Onscreen® — Tracking data from Versatrans Student Tracking is available within the Onscreen application. In addition to its vehicle reporting functionality, student tracking monitoring and reporting is performed utilizing Onscreen.
Tyler Telematic GPS — Vehicles must be outfitted with Tyler Telematic GPS units. Collected data is transmitted, providing dispatchers with near real-time information on the progress of each student’s ride to and from school.