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Workplace Harassment Complaint Management Software to Enhance a Safe Working Environment

Your employees achieve their best results in an environment that is safe, fair, and free from workplace harassment. Procedures to prevent discrimination, including harassment, are too often informal, manually processed, and ineffective. When issues arise, Tyler's Anti-Harassment software application provides a way to track and manage these situations decisively.

  • Receive complaints through an online web portal to protect anonymity

  • Manage complaints throughout the process via business rules and workflows

  • Upload important documents and files to a case record

  • Comply with directives from federal agencies

Turnkey Offering for Efficiency and Cost-Savings in Harassment Claims Tracking

Tyler's Anti-Harassment software is designed to automate the processing of both general and type-specific harassment complaints from receipt through investigation to decision.

  • Tracks timelines, due dates, and service levels while also managing appeals and reconsiderations.
  • Aids in identifying problem areas, allowing agencies to take preventative action.
  • Combats the low morale, reduced productivity, high turnover, lawsuits, settlements, and fines that result from workplace harassment.

Anonymity Protects Complainants and Witnesses, Increases Reporting

Tyler's Anti-Harassment software features an optional online portal for complainants and witnesses to report harassment.

  • The online portal allows you to confidentially gather all required information.
  • Anonymous reporting protects complainants and witnesses against retaliation.
  • Protecting the anonymity of individuals filing complaints may increase the usage and success of anti-harassment programs.

Anti-Harassment Compliance

Tyler's Anti-Harassment software helps federal agencies comply with EEOC Management Directive 715 as part of their Title VII and Rehabilitation Act programs.

  • Document policies and procedures for reporting harassment.
  • Conduct a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation.
  • Ensure the identities of complainants and witnesses are kept confidential to the extent possible through an optional portal.

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