Flexible ADR Processing and Precise Oversight for Agreeable Outcomes

The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process explicitly adopts an informal and flexible attitude toward dispute resolution methods and outcomes. At the same time, ADR practitioners must keep meticulous written records, follow closely defined procedural timelines, fathom various resolution options, and draft legally binding settlement agreements. The Tyler Alternative Dispute Resolution software solution helps ensure cases are guided toward mutually agreeable outcomes with the lowest possible cost and time investment.

  • Better manage and monitor complex and often competing priorities

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of processing ADR cases

  • Foster collaboration and information-sharing among multiple ADR practitioners

  • Meet federally mandated reporting and accountability standards

  • Provide visibility into an entire ADR program via a secure, web-based interface

Key Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes From Intake to Ruling

The Tyler Alternative Dispute Resolution software solution supports the specific needs of an ADR practitioner, including the key stages of the ADR processes including:

  • Case intake and ADR election
  • ADR technique selection
  • ADR process
  • ADR closure

Comprehensive, Tailored ADR Reporting

The alternative dispute resolution solution provides a full range of pre-defined summary reports. Additional reports can be easily configured to meet your agency’s needs.

  • Reports show numbers of cases at every stage of the ADR process.
  • Time, costs, and results are also tracked and reported on.
  • Supports all federally mandated reports for ADR.

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