Civil Rights Case Processing Software to Simplify the Complex Case Management Process

Managing employee-specific civil rights complaint cases can be daunting. Successfully adhering to the myriad of strictly defined, complicated guidelines calls for an enterprise civil rights case processing solution. Tyler’s Civil Rights Case Processing software solution streamlines the management of complicated forms, discovery requirements, wordy decisions, and various appeal avenues.

  • Pre-complaint submission, inquiry, and disposition

  • Agency Office of Civil Rights formal complaint in-processing, investigation, and report of investigation (ROI)

  • Aggrieved response to agency ROI

  • Appeal to EEOC administrative judge

  • Federal court complaint filing

Detailed Oversight and Control

Civil rights cases are complicated. The Tyler Civil Rights Case Processing software solution manages all necessary elements of the process.

  • Manage cases involving discrimination in hiring, firing, promotion, harassment, training, wages, or benefits.
  • Collect and store necessary information including case files, email messages, dockets, related metrics, legal filings, faxes, official forms, audio and video files, and objective input from experts.
  • Create summary reports at the individual, office, district, and enterprise level, such as Formal Complaints Filed, Ongoing Cases, and Damages Awarded.

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