EEO Case Management Software Solution to Reduce Bottlenecks and Errors

Within an equal employment opportunity (EEO) program, there’s no room for mistakes or lapses. However, the complex steps surrounding reporting, documentation, and follow-up on EEO cases can create critical bottlenecks. Tyler’s EEO Case Management software solutions help you streamline processes while giving you more insight and greater oversight when dealing with EEO cases.

  • Manages the entire EEO process

  • Generates Form 462 annual report

  • Supports complaint cases

  • Affordable, web-based, enterprise application

Improves EEO Processes for Agencies and Complainants Alike

By tracking every variable in the case management lifecycle, ETK EEO ensures each step in the EEO process is properly executed while providing huge gains in productivity.

  • Role-based dashboards enable agency staff to manage their workloads.
  • Built-in business rules ensure compliance with EEOC MD-110, EEOC reporting requirements, and 29 CFR 1614.
  • A secure portal lets complainants enter basic information and track their case status.
  • Robust search capabilities provide quick access to and allows for sharing of data.
  • Internal and external alerts are tied to different events in the EEO complaint process to support compliance, data integrity, and quality reporting.

A Trusted Record of EEO Case Processing and Reporting Success

ETK EEO is the next generation of the industry-leading ICOMPLAINTS products.

  • Up to 90% of federal EEO claims are processed by Tyler EEO software solutions.
  • ETK EEO includes all of the functionality of ICOMPLAINTS, which set the standard for EEO case management for more than 15 years.
  • Tyler EEO solutions are federally accredited and secure.

Powerful EEO Case Management Modules Offer Extended Reporting Security

ETK EEO has capabilities well-beyond the already complex work of processing EEO claims and generating the annual Form 462 report.

  • The Quality Review Management (QRM) module exposes which sections of your EEO Form 462 report will pass or fail before you submit.
  • The No FEAR reporting module enables users to capture all required information quickly and produce the No FEAR report at a variety of levels and in a range of formats.
  • The eFile module allows EEO complainants to electronically submit complaints, track the progress of their claims, and respond to your team’s inquiries.
  • The escan module allows for the direct upload of documents to individual EEO case files.
  • The Report Builder module enables users to design, generate, and format ad hoc reports.

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