Reasonable Accommodation Software has Your Agency Covered From Initial Request to Maintenance and Closure

Federal agencies are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations (RA) to qualified employees with disabilities; however, this can be a complex undertaking. Disabilities vary widely, and an individual’s needs can change over time. The Tyler ETK Reasonable Accommodation software solution helps agencies manage key processes while making sure each person’s needs are efficiently met and tracked in a secure environment

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of processing requests

  • Manage processing times more effectively

  • Automate workflow and unite disjointed information

  • Track equipment that has been supplied to meet requests

  • Provide visibility into an entire RA program via a secure, web-based interface

Web-Based Software Tailored to Reasonable Accommodation Program Management

The Tyler ETK Reasonable Accommodation software solution provides case management functionality supporting all aspects of an RA program, from initial request to closure.

  • For each case, the solution tracks the interactive process, medical documentation review, and decision (including reconsideration of a denial, if requested).
  • For approvals, Tyler ETK Reasonable Accommodation documents the procurement and implementation of agreed-upon assistive equipment, work schedule modifications, or reassignments.
  • Organizations can track the procurement and implementation of assistive technologies and other accommodations, and even schedule PAS for employees with targeted disabilities.

Reasonable Accommodation Software for Small Offices or an Entire Enterprise

A great first step in the modernization process, the Tyler ETK Reasonable Accommodation solution is also ideal for supporting small or very focused programs. For departments ready to automate across a larger scope, the enterprise reasonable accommodation software solution is fully configurable and indefinitely scalable.

  • Offers a wealth of EEO-specific workflows, best practice configurations, business rules, and terminology out of the box
  • Deploys quickly and easily to support all aspects of an RA program
  • Powered by the Entellitrak platform for case management

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