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Configurable Appeal Case Management Software for All Appeal Types

Every appeals process is different. Whether your agency handles legal appeals, benefits appeals, or healthcare appeals, you need a way to effectively manage and share data at every step of the appeals process. Tyler's Appeals Case Management software solution accommodates elements common to all appeals while being configurable to the unique protocols of your organization.

  • Accelerate claims processing times

  • Reduce the cost of claims processing

  • Automate workflow and unite disjointed information

  • Provide visibility into an entire appeals program via a secure, web-based interface

Streamlining the Appeals Process

Tyler's Appeals Case Management solution captures data at each step of the appeals process. It tracks the case through the detailed investigation and formal review process as it is conducted by professionals who require timely and accurate data.

  • Manages all the data for every appeals case including details about the appellant, the issue or problem requiring resolution, and the basis or guideline against which the appeal is made.
  • Captures and manages detailed case information: case files, dockets, email messages, faxes, official forms, audio and video files, legal filings, objective input from experts, and related metrics.
  • Compiles timely and accurate data so it can be handed off to a judge or board to render a decision.

Tailor and Manage Legal, Workers’ Comp, and Medicare/Health Insurance Appeals

Tyler's Appeals Case Management solution can be configured to support all types of appeals processes and can be tailored to match specific agency, regulatory, and business requirements. Appeals case types include, but are not limited to, legal appeals, workers’ compensation appeals, and Medicare and health insurance appeals.

  • Legal appeals: Consolidate appeals case management for review boards, appeals boards, and law judges, making formal hearings and appeals proceedings more accessible to appellants, attorneys, and other stakeholders
  • Workers’ compensation appeals: Not only manage the claims and appeals programs, but also integrate payment processes
  • Medicare and health insurance appeals: Allows enrollees to create and manage their claims when they have been denied benefits

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