Change Management

Managing Change and Eliminating Uncertainty

Managing change to ensure successful implementations

With Tyler’s Change Management Services, you and your staff have all the resources you need to easily navigate the change process during your Tyler implementation. Our expert team is here to help your team feel empowered through every phase of the process — as well as ensure the migration is completed on time, on budget and with the support of your employees.

Change Management Process

Tyler’s successful change management process is based on proven methodology developed by the Change Management Learning Center/Prosci® Research Institute. Using our decades of public sector experience, we have adapted the Center’s comprehensive set of tools and steps to work specifically for state and local government and school district implementations.

During the change management process, our consulting analysts focus on change at both the organizational and individual level. Our goal is to ensure organizational objectives are met, while giving your team the skills, tools and resources they need to successfully use your Tyler system. That is why our analysts address three "human factors" that impact the success of any implementation:

  • Speed of Adoption: How fast employees adapt to the new software system.
  • Utilization Rate: How many employees actually use the new system.
  • User Proficiency Rate: How comfortable employees are with the new system and how well they perform using it.

Partnering with You, For You

Our consulting analysts are change management experts, certified by the Change Management Learning Center. We partner with members of your organization to help you during each step of the implementation process. That means we’re here to help you communicate the rationale for the implementation and manage expectations of staff members’ involvement. Then we’ll provide guidance on the usage of the new software.

Tyler change management consulting analysts:

  • Establish ongoing communication, forum sessions and quarterly meetings.
  • Serve as coaches and mentors.
  • Host informational meetings to demonstrate the new software.
  • Create an internal decision-making hierarchy with escalation procedures.
  • Identify an informational implementation intranet site.
  • Prepare a change management communications and organizational strategy that addresses critical issues or opportunities.

Benefits of Using Change Management Services

  • On schedule and on budget implementations.
  • Higher return on investment.
  • Increased overall adoption of the new software system and policies.
  • Easier employee adaption to new roles.
  • More efficient employees and faster completion of day-to-day processes.
  • Less disruption of day-to-day activities.
  • Decreased need for constant retraining.
  • Prevention or mitigation of anticipated or unforeseen resistance.
  • Creation of a “track record” of success.