An Essential Scheduling Tool for Improved Government Appointment Efficiencies

Time is valuable. Tyler’s Appointment Scheduling application allows agencies to make the most of resident meetings, whether in-person, virtual, or over the phone. With features designed to improve efficiency, government agencies can offer task-specific time slots, collect relevant documentation in advance, and send automated appointment reminders to ensure their processes are streamlined and excellent service is at the forefront of every interaction. 

  • In-person, phone, and virtual appointment management

  • Automated text and email reminders

  • Secure document upload

  • Intuitive administrative dashboard

Stay on Schedule With Customizable Appointment Types

For agencies offering a variety of government services, a one-size-fits-all approach is not always conducive to efficient appointment scheduling. Tyler’s Appointment Scheduling solution allows agencies to offer time slots tailored to their service offerings and available staff and resources.

Manage Resources Across Multiple Locations

Only offer specific services at one location? Have staff that travel between locations as needed? The administrative dashboard allows agencies to designate service offerings and time slot availability by location.

Improve Efficiency With Automated Reminders and Push Notifications

Residents have come to expect their government to offer the same tools they’re accustomed to using in the business world and in everyday life. Most expect to receive a reminder when appointments are made online — Appointment Scheduling does just that. Agency staff can create automated one-time or recurring appointment reminders with varying frequencies. They’re also able to push urgent notifications to the resident’s mobile device, relieving the stress of mass communications when unforeseen events arise.

Streamline Comprehensive Workflows With Optional Integration Solutions

While Appointment Scheduling can be used as a stand-alone application, the user remains engaged throughout the entire user journey when integrated with additional Tyler solutions. Coupled with our Payments solution, agencies can provide pre-payment services prior to appointments; include Engagement Builder forms, and the user journey becomes a holistic, self-service experience, keeping the user engaged from start to finish. The possibilities for configuration and integration are endless.

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