Assessment & Tax Plus Adapts to Your Operational Needs

You can easily adapt Tyler's Assessment & Tax Plus, a computer-assisted mass appraisal system to meet the specific needs of your appraisal office, conduct important data analysis, and calculate fair, accurate, and defendable property valuations. Streamline processes, build taxpayer trust, and enjoy fewer appeals. Discover why our clients use our software to manage nearly 3 million parcels and to produce almost 2 million assessment notices every year.

  • Calculate fair and equitable property valuations

  • Perform data analysis outside your database and, if desired, apply results

  • Use multiple appraisal methodologies

  • Conduct spatial analysis via integrated geographic information systems (GIS)

  • Maintain property data and a history of all corrections, changes, and updates

  • Get complete imaging and document management capabilities

Establish Fair and Equitable Property Values

Easily compile, list, and analyze detailed information to calculate accurate, defendable valuations for all types of properties.

  • Access existing property data, maps, and other information
  • Use data from multiple tables for in-depth costing and valuation
  • Store, calculate, and assign value to all data elements
  • Choose from cost, market, and income approaches for your valuations
  • Use the equation editor to define formulas for all approaches to value
  • Affect resulting value using more than one element, such as gross rent multiplier, size/square footage, and occupancy
  • Use Tyler’s mass appraisal services to ensure the quality of your data, assist with in-software market modeling, and more

Easily Handle Assessment Administration Tasks

Manage your day-to-day responsibilities and the entire property assessment process with flexible, comprehensive assessment administration tools.

  • Maintain all property data and account information
  • Process exemptions and adjustments with calculations based on your state statutes
  • Make changes to your personal and real property data without programmer intervention, enabling you to respond to new legislation quickly and efficiently
  • Generate a standard set of reports and forms — or create your own — to meet the needs of your office and jurisdiction.
  • Simplify the appeals process with a complete appeals package
  • Customize any features to meet the needs of your staff and jurisdiction

Perform Data Analysis Outside Your Database

Use the appraiser’s workspace area of your software to conduct data analysis and test what-if scenarios without affecting your database.

  • Quickly view common statistics, including COV, COD, price-related differential, mean, and median
  • Conduct spatial analysis easily using the integrated bidirectional geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Apply your changes into the production system for real-time use, if or when you achieve your desired results
  • Maintain a complete history of all corrections, changes, and updates to your production data
  • Store, view, and analyze your data anytime

Save Time and Gain Efficiency With an Integrated GIS Viewer

Easily integrate the viewer with your office’s geographic information systems (GIS) application to provide full functionality with Appraiser Plus and Assessor Plus.

  • Empower your staff to find, view, update, and analyze a variety of GIS and property data
  • Save time by searching a map, quickly locating a parcel, and accessing all related data
  • Perform an attribute search and spatial attribute search, such as finding every three-story home within a selected distance from a designated intersection
  • Improve efficiency and save staff time, which translates into financial savings
  • Update information across multiple accounts — all at the same time — based on GIS data

Integrated Imaging and Document Management

Enable your staff and the public to easily find and access important public information with integrated imaging and document management tools.

  • Scan photos, correspondence, protest forms, notices of valuation, and other documents into the system
  • Provide convenience and greater transparency by making the electronic version of documents available for staff and public viewing
  • Flag sensitive documents as confidential to prohibit the public from accessing them

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