Better Manage Your Tax Billing and Collections Functions

Easily access all the tools you need to carry out and manage the daily functions of your office. From processing bills, payments, and property information to disbursing tax revenue, you’ll achieve greater efficiency and deliver improved services to both your constituents and your local government.

  • Manage the entire tax billing, collection, and distribution process

  • Control and monitor tax revenue throughout the collection cycle

  • Increase operational efficiencies

  • Boost efficiency with an advanced receipting and collections system

  • Easily handle end-of-year and new year processing

  • Take charge of tax sales with processing and reporting

  • Streamline daily operations and boost productivity

Ensure the System Does What You Want

Take advantage of our software’s highly flexible framework to deliver the results, accuracy, and efficiency your office requires.

  • Customize the system to meet the needs of your jurisdiction
  • Respond to new legislation quickly and easily by making changes to the system yourself without programmer intervention
  • Define any specific requirements you may need by setting parameters, security, and general ledger structures

Increase the Efficiency of Receipting and Collections

Enable your office staff to fully manage the collections process and provide reports on tax information throughout all stages.

  • Process mass payments and record multiple payers for a single account
  • Accept and process payments in full, as well as first-half and second-half payments
  • Manage end-of-year and new year processing easily and efficiently
  • Handle delinquent taxes by generating delinquent tax roll and notices
  • Take charge of your tax sales by creating advertising lists, tracking investor information, owed taxes, and producing investor 1099 forms
  • Enable online credit and debit card payments with an integrated processing service

Easily Access and Manage the Data You Need

Enable your office to manage the collection process and provide reports on tax information throughout all stages of the collection process.

  • Manage all information and functions related to property tax accounts and billing
  • Store and retrieve personal and real property assessment data
  • Track bills, property fees, payments, and adjustments
  • Take advantage of data manipulation and data exchange capabilities
  • Find additional data via a search tool designed to handle simple and complex searches alike
  • Produce comprehensive reporting for collection activities

Make Your Tax Records More Accessible

Using integrated imaging and document management tools, you can create and manage electronic tax records that are easily accessible to your office staff and constituents.

  • Scan photos, correspondence, protest forms, notices of valuation, and other documents into the system
  • Save time by eliminating the need to track down and copy physical tax records
  • Provide greater transparency by making your electronic documents available to the public
  • Flag sensitive documents as confidential to prohibit the public from accessing them

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