A Mobile-First Approach to Digital Evidence Collection

In the field, officers are traditionally bound to a manual evidence collection process using disparate tools like hand-written notes, tape recorders, cameras, and paper forms.

With Data Collect Mobile, officers capture and securely upload digital evidence from the convenience of a mobile device, including Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. By replacing notebooks and paper forms, Data Collect Mobile works to streamline evidence collection by reducing external processes for a single, user-friendly workflow.

  • Capitalize on capabilities of mobile devices

  • Easily capture voice interviews, photos, and short videos

  • Complete simple forms like field interviews

  • Invite users to view scene files and contribute securely

  • Securely upload evidence to the records environment

Streamline Records Environments

With this module, officers gain the ability to connect the multimedia collected with case reports or incidents. This means digital evidence moves seamlessly from the front-line officers collecting it, directly into the records environment to be found and easily viewed. Plus, evidence and incident numbers are automatically transferred to Enterprise Public Safety applications for easy accessibility by fire and police.

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