Enterprise Law Enforcement Records Management System (LERMS) for the Best in Data Management for Any Size Agency

Capture, process, and analyze data on cases, incidents, persons, buildings, businesses, vehicles, property, citations, and crash reports. Our LERMS system allows data to be shared across applications and between all roles and functions.

  • Save time with user-defined fields

  • Track and act on information important to roles and agency

  • Scalable architecture to meet the demands of agencies of all sizes

  • Find and use mission-critical data quickly

  • Role-based search functionality

  • Robust auditing and logging capabilities

More Time for Public Safety Personnel to Serve and Protect

Quicker access to mission-critical data and more context surrounding workflow, allowing public safety personnel to spend less time on data entry and user support and more time serving and protecting.

  • Share data across all roles
  • View current, real-time information
  • Make better, proactive decisions
  • Ensure the integrity, security, and auditing of information

Easily Access and Analyze Data

Our LERMS is designed to help agencies of all sizes sort, analyze, retrieve, and store critical information. 

  • Tailor dashboards to roles
  • See maps, charts, and heat maps of critical information
  • Identify trends or spikes in crimes or cases needing to be processed
  • Search results are returned with intuitive categories
  • Quickly file and refine searches
  • Save and reuse searches for quick access to frequently used data

Improve Speed and Accuracy, Gain Streamlined Workflow

Enhance your records department’s speed and accuracy. Get streamlined workflow and efficient access to mission-critical data.

  • Receive automatic notifications as information, status changes in a subject’s jacket
  • View all historical elements of any subject or case
  • Prevent duplicate jackets, redundant data collection, and decrease data corruption
  • Use the activity timeline to see involvements over time

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