Personal Property Assessment Process

iasWorld Personal Property can help you manage and streamline appraising and levying taxes on personal property. Access all the tools you need to efficiently manage your data, valuations, tax extensions, and, even, taxpayers.

  • Maintain a database of personal property information
  • Use table rates, depreciation tables, and tax rates to ensure fair taxation
  • Use auditing features to verify the accuracy of tax returns
  • Calculate penalties and initiate forced valuation

Manage All Personal Property Information

Build and maintain a comprehensive database with everything from the latest personal property additions to historical data.

  • Work with a database that includes property characteristics and ownership information
  • Create and build accounts relevant to the property owner
  • Access tax return history by tax and file years
  • Maintain information on leased equipment subject to taxation
  • Tap into the power of iasWorld® SmartFile (LINK TO IASWORLD SMARTFILE PAGE) to allow taxpayers to access and submit personal property forms online

Easily Calculate Property Values and Taxes

Ensure all personal property owners pay their fair share.

  • Use established table rates to value each piece of personal property
  • Use depreciation tables to determine replacement cost new less depreciation (RCNLD)
  • Calculate taxes using your jurisdiction's tax rates

Enforce Audits and Penalties

Help your jurisdiction determine the validity of tax returns and collect as much outstanding tax revenue as possible.

  • Use auditing features to verify the accuracy of a tax return
  • Assess penalties for late filing, property omission, and non-filing on assets or accounts
  • Initiate the forced valuation of unreported personal property

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