Deliver Online Access to Property Tax Information

Make local property assessment and valuation data, tax billing and collection information, and other important local records available online. Your office and jurisdiction will achieve greater transparency, build public trust, and save time by reducing the number of requests for information.

  • Increase accessibility and responsiveness
  • Achieve transparency
  • Save time and resources
  • Control the type of information you make available
  • Determine the look of your public access site
  • Provide access to information from other offices
  • Build relationships and trust with the public

Become More Accessible and Responsive

Your office can now be open 24 hours a day online. Constituents can contact your office through your site and find information easily and securely anytime.

  • View accurate, updated property information
  • Search for property information, valuation notices, tax bills, and more
  • View comparable sales used to calculate assessed values
  • Review tax amounts, assessment notices, or tax bills
  • Find property information, such as ownership, location, parcel, and legal description
  • Access property sketches and aerial photography

Save Time and Gain Efficiencies

By providing online access to records, you'll reduce the need for traditional customer services and create a more efficient office.

  • Save staff time once dedicated to answering constituents' calls
  • Shrink the customer inquiry lines that form in your office
  • Reduce time needed for in-office property searches and requests
  • Make fewer copies and move closer to a paperless environment
  • Reduce wear-and-tear and cost of supplies on copiers and printers

Achieve Greater Transparency and Trust

Provide a valuable communication tool that will strengthen confidence and deepen trust among taxpayers.

  • Share news, updates, and reports with site visitors
  • Provide public information and updates on current appraisal activities
  • Enable constituents to communicate with your office
  • Tap into the power of iasWorld® SmartFile to allow taxpayers to access and submit forms online
  • Invite permitting, recording, and other offices to extend data access on your site

Maintain Complete Control

Determine whether you want to use a new or existing website, how your public site will look, as well as the types of offerings and information you want to make available to the public.

  • Provide access using HTML5 technology that supports most browsers
  • Add search and display capabilities for your iasWorld data
  • Configure how you want search results to display
  • Choose the types of accessible data, such as dynamic maps, property images, and records
  • Incorporate data from key systems, such as aerial imagery and GIS information
  • Allow downloadable data files and reports
  • Apply virtually any design theme — including your jurisdiction's established look

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