County Taxation Management

Streamline your jurisdiction's entire tax billing and collections process with the Tax-Wise software suite. Put the most current tools and processes to work for you to easily handle complex calculations for all assessments and billing types, including real property and manufactured homes. You can also quickly and accurately collect and process tax payments and other forms of revenue.

  • Track and manage property assessment, market values, and taxable values

  • Establish and easily execute efficient billing, collection, and revenue disbursement procedures

  • Produce accurate and timely reports

  • Simplify the collection and processing of tax payments and other forms of revenue

  • Provide a complete audit trail of all transactions

  • Achieve greater transparency with online access to public tax information.

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Achieve Accurate Taxation and Improved Efficiency

Save your staff hours of work processing and tracking tax assessment information. With Tax-Wise Tax Assessment, they can easily manage data, such as property assessments and market values, and use it to automatically calculate taxable values based on state classification codes.

  • Apply multiple valuations per legal code
  • Transfer data electronically directly from your state's Department of Revenue
  • Enjoy powerful look-up and inquiry features by name, assessor number, tax year, address, and more
  • Create and distribute assessment notices
  • Generate multiple reports, such as the county tax roll, county assessment, and assessment report
  • Produce summary reports based on parcel number, levy district, class code, special improvement district, and fund

Streamline Billing Processes

With the automated tax billing, collection, revenue disbursement, and reporting provided by Tax-Wise Tax Billing, your collections office will save time and streamline processes.

  • Access accounts by assessor number, multiple owner names, and "also-known-as" names.
  • Easily handle single or multiple taxing districts and tax types
  • Calculate and generate bills automatically, including interest, for personal property, manufactured homes, real estate, and gross proceeds — separately or together
  • Process tax liens and notices
  • Deliver automatic notification of past due taxes
  • Process and track "under protest" payments and disburse the payments upon resolution
  • Accept electronic payment files
  • Integrate with Tyler's Infinite Visions® software solution to provide data to school systems within your jurisdiction
  • Enjoy easy integration with third-party general ledger software programs and third-party remittance processing companies

Make Collecting and Processing Tax Payments Easier

With Tax-Wise Cash Receipting, you can simplify the collection of tax payments and revenue, achieve accurate general ledger posting and reporting, and reduce data entry time for staff who post transactions.

  • Enter and process cash receipts on one screen
  • Handle multiple receipt types in a single transaction
  • Accept cash, checks, or mixed payments in one transaction
  • Track and balance multiple cash drawers
  • Generate end-of-day balancing reports — by the clerk, drawer, or receipt type — for a single transaction date or for a designated period
  • Store and access recurring entries
  • Distribute a dollar amount through a tax levy table for any district or tax year

Minimize Risk in Your Operations

Tyler has a long-standing commitment to bring clients unique and flexible solutions that last for generations to come. Through our ongoing software investments, evergreen philosophy, and EverGuide® initiatives, you can trust in Tyler to address your unique problems today with solutions that last well beyond tomorrow.

  • Choose to host Tax-Wise on your servers or have us deliver it over our trusted and safe networks
  • Save time and resources by letting Tyler manage your connectivity, reliability, security, and disaster recovery through cloud computing
  • Receive a steady stream of enhancements over the life of your solution without any relicensing fees
  • Enjoy always having the industry's latest and best technology in your solution
  • Rest easy knowing that you have access to a collection of training and support services that help you maximize the investment and usage of your solution

Access to Online Tax Information and Payment Method

Deliver convenience and transparency by providing the public online access to tax information and payment capabilities.

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