Award-Winning ERP Integration

June 29, 2020 by Meredith Trimble

Award-Winning ERP Integration

Like many cities, Seguin, Texas, relied primarily on paper-based processes for utility billing. In practice, this meant a flood of paperwork attached to each service order. All that paper brought with it multiple manual tasks, including printing, signing, and disseminating orders. Lost paperwork resulted in backtracking and redundant efforts.

In addition to paper-heavy utility billing processes, Seguin also dealt with manual HR, payroll, and financial workflows. Time sheets and leave requests, for example, were printed, manually completed, hand signed, and delivered to HR staff, who would manually enter the time. Departmental budget requests were kept in binders, and without widespread access to the financial system, key stakeholders could not see previous or current year budget activity along with their accounts for comparison. Monthly budget reports took two to three working days to complete in Excel spreadsheets. Finally, requisitions were routed to multiple people, sometimes sitting on desks for days.

To get rid of all the paper and streamline processes, the city selected a new ERP system to handle all financial, personnel management, and utility billing needs. The new system integrated with the General Ledger and contained applications for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Applicant Tracking, Bank Reconciliation, Cashiering, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Personnel Management, Position Budgeting, Project Accounting, Purchasing, and Utility Billing.

Benefits were immediate upon the new system’s implementation. A modern, citywide solution offered employees automated HR and payroll processes, including self service for time sheets and leave requests. Budget information is now accessible to staff organization-wide, including access to budget notes and details throughout the year. The system shows budget requests and reports down to invoice-level detail. Real-time access has removed bimonthly reporting requirements for departments while monthly reports are automatically generated and produced in one-third of the time. In addition, requisition turnaround now takes just 15 minutes.

Beyond time savings, the city has also benefited from newfound space. With several file cabinets gone, staff has more room to work. Paper usage and operating costs have been likewise reduced, including a 50% decrease in paper checks.

Seguin winners

Back row from left - Kristy Lehnert, Human Resources Director, Twila Wood, Purchasing Manager, Leeane Schievelbein, IT Service Desk Supervisor, Rose Roecker, Bookkeeper
Bottom row from left - Allison Geisinger, Buyer, Susan Caddell, Director of Finance, Tracy Stalnaker, Assistant Director of Finance, Julie Salamanca, Utilities Billing Supervisor

Overcoming an abundance of manual processes and the significant, positive outcomes earned Seguin a 2020 Tyler Excellence Award. Explore Seguin’s success and other ERP winners.

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