Best Public Administration Stories of 2022

January 20, 2023 by Peter Friesen

Best Public Administration Stories of 2022

In 2022, government and school administrators found themselves looking past pandemic-era changes toward broader priorities for the 2020s, and prioritizing which technological changes impact staff and constituents the most. Read on for the top Public Administration software stories in 2022 on how government agencies and schools have met recent challenges head on and set themselves up for success no matter what comes their way.

Appraisal & Tax

Texas Appraisal District Overhauls Operations: The Fort Bend County Appraisal District needed a digital solution to replace their manual paper-based appraisals that just didn’t work in the 2020s. They partnered with two nearby districts and implemented a modern solution that allowed them to process appeals faster than ever before.

Drive-By Property Appraisals Streamline Data Collection: This story, from public sector news leader GCN, examines how Johnson County, Kansas, combined car-mounted LiDAR units with a modern appraisal & tax solution to appraise property with more accuracy and efficiency.

Streamline Property Appeals With Enterprise Assessment & Tax: This video features an interview with the Lake County, Illinois, chief assessment officer, who explains how the county’s switch to a modern enterprise solution allowed them to process thousands of appeals every month.

Civic Services

How Cities Can Streamline the License and Permit Process: This article — published as part of Tyler Technologies’ partnership with the American Planning Association — examines the distinct benefits Rancho Cordova, California, saw when implementing an online self-service module in their permitting department. The system drew more than 5,000 users in its first two years of use and reduced mistakes in license submissions by 76%.

Why does self-service help us all?: Speaking of self-service, this blog examines how self-service platforms reduce strain on government employees and increase usability and satisfaction for constituents. Taken together, this can help improve resiliency and connection in communities large and small.


How IT Can Lead Government Innovation: Trust in IT teams can help governments take their ERP solutions to the next level, improving business functionality, as well as employee and constituent access. Integrated cloud solutions free up small IT teams for more important work while serving government agencies.

How are cities using the cloud?: A 2020 survey found that more than 90% of state, city, and county governments had at least some systems in the cloud, while nearly 10% worked entirely in the cloud. Read this analysis of the survey data for insights on how governments large and small make use of cloud computing.

Streamlining Hiring Process Saves Time, Aids Communication: See how St. Charles County, Missouri, leveraged a new human resources solution to eliminate paper forms in the hiring process, reduce phone calls to HR, and provide hiring managers with greater insight.

K-12 Education

Finding Payment Solutions in Dubuque Community School District: This story highlights Dubuque Community School District in Iowa, who needed a modern accounts payable solution, so they weren’t cutting thousands of physical checks every year. Their small accounts payable team was flooded with these payments every month. With a digital solution, the school district can now offer multiple forms of payments and ease the burden on staff.

Tools for Addressing the School Bus Driver Shortage: (Tyler Tech Podcast episode 46, featuring Alfred Karam): This episode of the Tyler Tech Podcast examines how Shenendehowa School District responded when faced with a shortage of bus drivers for their routes. Karam, the district's transportation director, shares the problems and solutions he found, while ensuring the highest levels of service and student safety.

Land & Official Records

Oklahoma County Clerk Records Management Solution: Oklahoma County wanted to modernize their systems for the 21st century with fully integrated software solutions, electronic document recording, and intelligent indexing simplifying sorting processes. A fully integrated solution helped streamline employee’s workflows and offered benefits to constituents as well with easily navigable web portals.

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