Best of Hot Topics 2022

December 20, 2022 by Peter Friesen

Best of Hot Topics 2022

Hot Topics

Government in 2022 saw many changes to technology, workflow, and constituent engagement. Online solutions like virtual court and self-service portals transformed the way staff do their jobs and how constituents interact with courts, permitting, traffic tickets, or city council meetings. Read on for the best podcasts, blogs, and thought leadership around the hot topics that drove change in 2022, and what that means for city, county, and state governments looking to 2023.


  • What to Know About Cloud Adoption (Tyler Tech podcast episode 51): Cloud expert Russell Gainford brings his expertise to a conversation that clues in leaders to opportunities and need-to-know topics around cloud adoption.
  • Why Move to the Cloud?: This insightful document lines up six key questions governments should consider when looking at cloud adoption. Whether it’s your first foray into cloud solutions or you’re bringing the final piece of your government systems online, it’s worth examining these questions.

Connected Communities

  • Four Insights on Gen Z as Employees and Constituents: This blog, published as part of Tyler Technologies' partnership with government news leader GovLoop, examines recent research on generational views toward government. Gen Z, the youngest generation, is currently coming of age, and has distinct expectations and attitudes toward their local and state governments. Read through the blog for insights and opportunities around engaging this important generation.
  • How to Build a Connected Community: We know from the research outlined above that engaging and connecting with constituents is important. But what is a connected community, and how can leaders turn that vision into reality? This blog gives some concrete steps for government leaders to think through.


  • How Technology Solves the Puzzle of Student Transportation: A resilient community solves problems while preparing themselves for the future. The Orchard Farm School District in Missouri accomplished this by implementing a modern, efficient student transportation solution that connects staff, children, and parents, and allows the fast-growing district to easily scale as their needs grow in the coming years.
  • Cloud Advantages Help Government Resiliency: It’s not all talk: Cloud solutions really do enable governments to operate efficiently, provide better service, and save money. Read this blog on four ways cloud can positively impact government agencies.


  • Modern Jury Messaging Offers Convenience and Safety: Jury duty has historically been one of the more involved jobs for both government employees and constituents. Outdated communication systems often lead to frustration for all parties. Enter the efficient modern jury messaging system, that allows text and email notifications to be sent at the push of a button, enabling quick communication that eases the burden on staff, while increasing juror satisfaction.
  • Five Strategies for Evaluating Payment Platforms for Government: Here’s one more from Tyler Technologies’ GovLoop partnership. This blog examines payments, a thorny area for many governments, due to the industry’s focus on commercial business. But there are ways to find payment solutions that cater to government needs. Read on for the best strategies to find such solutions.

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