Elevate HR Value With Employee Access

June 07, 2021 by Sam Verrier

Elevate HR Value With Employee Access

Human resources (HR) departments face many complex challenges — from hiring the right people and developing tomorrow's leaders, to creating a quality employee experience. HR teams, especially in the public sector, are tasked with meeting these challenges head-on with limited resources.

That's where Employee Access – Tyler's employee self-service application – comes in. It allows our clients to decentralize the management of things like leave requests, benefit changes, and certifications, which can put significant strain on HR department resources.

Employee Access provides an easy-to-use, adaptive user interface that empowers staff to take control of their employee information while increasing HR efficiency.

Employee Access is a useful tool that empowers employees, managers, and applicants. The employee portal is primarily used by the current employees, but may also service former employees. Current employees can interact directly with your human resources and payroll staff by:

  • Enrolling in benefits
  • Changing contact information
  • Requesting time off
  • Entering hours worked
  • Completing performance evaluations
  • Viewing pay checks
  • Retrieving tax documents required for taxes

With a manager portal, managers and supervisors may interact with their team members, as well as monitor and participate in the process of filling positions they currently have open. They can:

  • View limited information regarding their subordinates
  • Initiate changes to the employee information of subordinates
  • Approve workflow
  • Communicate with applicants to schedule interviews
  • Add information to the applicant records used to make hiring decisions

Job applicants who are not already known to your organization may be able to utilize Employee Access as they look to apply for an open position. By creating their own username and password, applicants are able to apply for positions and participate in the recruiting process.

Employee Access has become an invaluable tool for HR to save time and conserve resources as overburdened teams hire the right people, grow tomorrow's leaders, and create an enriched employee experience that empowers employees to find and make use of their own information.

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