Preparing With Interactive Training

July 22, 2021 by Kate Nadolski

Preparing With Interactive Training

Having proper training resources for officers is the best way public safety agencies can maximize the benefits of their integrated software solutions.

The Somerton Police Department in Arizona is a perfect example of the success an agency can experience from simply using the tools at hand.

Somerton PD works with several solutions to serve their community population of about 18,000. Their officers and dispatchers have access to Tyler University, which is a vast learning tool providing training through videos and interactive simulation experiences. There are thousands of courses on just about anything public safety personnel would need, from enterprise CAD training sessions to utilizing various updates that become available for their solutions.

Chief Araceli Juarez with the department said her team utilizes Tyler University to be prepared and stay up to date.

“Our dispatchers are encouraged to do this training to better themselves, and they all have access to all the videos that Tyler has available,” said Juarez.

“Whenever we’re getting ready to do a change or an upgrade, this training allows our staff to learn about what’s coming and prepare themselves with what they need to know when using the software.”

Juarez said their department has made Tyler University training a requirement for dispatchers, and optional for police officers. She thinks being prepared is essential.

“These training courses are at your own pace, on your own time and it’s paramount to be prepared,” said Juarez. “It saves our agency time spent from a command staff perspective, as we don’t have to constantly walk staff through updates. All of that information is available in these training videos, that staff can even refer back to if they need a refresher.”

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