Q&A With Federal Division President Kris Collo

February 10, 2020 by Lisa Sigler

Q&A With Federal Division President Kris Collo

What are the unique challenges facing federal agencies? What does success look like for federal agencies today and in the future?  Find these answers and more in this interview with Tyler Technologies' Federal Division President, Kris Collo.

What motivates you to come to work every day? 

Kris Collo, President, Federal Division

Every day, I’m excited to see what we can become. I am grateful to have the chance to help push our organization to be the best in the markets we serve. I am fortunate enough to have a front-row seat to watch innovation occur from the beginning of a concept, through planning and strategy, and then to watch each solution take on a life of its own. There’s nothing like seeing clients recognize the value that our solutions bring to the work they are doing to serve the public.

I also enjoy waking up every morning knowing I’ll be working with a talented, smart, and passionate team. It is very satisfying to watch our team members grow in their careers and make a meaningful impact both for our organization and for our public sector clients.

Tell us how MicroPact and its Entellitrak® platform fit into Tyler.

First of all, the acquisition of MicroPact will allow Tyler to expand its total addressable market. MicroPact brings a federal and state market footprint of more than 350 top-tier public sector clients, representing an exciting strategic opportunity for Tyler.

In addition, the Entellitrak platform will allow Tyler and its partners to develop applications on a common platform very quickly. We are looking forward to extending that capability to the other divisions over the coming months.

Also, our division brings with it a robust partner program that we have been using as a force multiplier to our sales and implementation teams. This is something that can be leveraged as a channel to sell additional Tyler products.

Why should current or potential Tyler clients be interested in what Entellitrak has to offer?

The Entellitrak platform is the only low-code application development platform purpose-built for the public sector. With a focus on case management and business process management, Entellitrak can help government agencies at every level organize and automate data, tasks, regulations, and interactions in a way that is configured to their specific needs.

For example, maybe the client needs to ensure that individuals receive all of the services they are eligible for. Maybe they’re trying to expose fraud, or manage licensures. They may simply need to give people a way to track and pay fines online. Whatever it is, the Entellitrak platform gives them a way to organize processes and data to bring each case to the right outcome. And because it is low-code, the platform can be configured to the specific needs of the organization quickly, without a lot of development overhead.

What do you think are notable differences between Tyler’s newest division and the other divisions – or, are there notable similarities?

Both the MicroPact and the Tyler Technologies leadership were drawn to this acquisition in large part because of how much the two companies had in common. With that in mind, I mostly see similarities. We all focus on the public sector. We have subject matter experts in the domains we serve to ensure our solutions are effective. We all provide value to our customers to fulfill their mission. The biggest difference I can see is the Federal Division’s experience in serving federal agencies. 

Are the challenges facing federal agencies today different from those facing state and local governments?

There are more similarities than differences between the federal and state markets. Modernizing aging applications while ensuring data and information security is a priority throughout the public sector, particularly given the limited budgets they have to work with. Ultimately, ensuring a great citizen experience during every interaction is a priority at all levels of government.

One of the interesting differences is in the timing of when the different levels embark on modernization efforts. Oftentimes when we see a slowdown at the federal level, things will begin picking up at the state level, and vice versa.

What does success look like for federal agencies today, and what does success look like for the government departments of the future? 

Federal agencies have typically entered into large multi-million dollar, multi-year engagements with large systems integrators—and these have not always provided the ROI the client expected. Today, agencies are looking for solutions to be implemented in weeks and months to ensure they are able to achieve ROI much quicker. Government agencies will continue to push for more automation and will look to solutions such as the ones we offer at Tyler, which can allow them to be more efficient with a greater focus on positive outcomes.

Do you have a favorite story of how Entellitrak has made a real difference in a community or agency?

My favorite stories are always the ones where we can see the difference our solutions make, both for the people working in the government and for the citizens they serve. One example that comes to mind is the Wisconsin IRIS program, which is run by the Wisconsin DHS Division of Medicaid Services.

The IRIS program lets adults who require long-term care services manage those services themselves, and receive them in their own homes and communities. The Entellitrak platform provides the technical backbone of the program.

Users access Entellitrak to coordinate services, disburse payments to service providers, and manage and report on the program. These users represent all the various agencies providing services, and include social workers, nurses, and fiscal employer agents, as well as government analysts—approximately 1,000 users from 14 different agencies all using the same system to coordinate services for 17,000 long-term care benefit recipients.

Wisconsin is saving tax dollars, agencies are working more efficiently, and individuals are getting better outcomes. It’s a good example of what the Entellitrak platform can really do.

What do you love about Tyler clients?

Government employees work to enhance the lives of the people they serve and to make the world a better place. It is great to be a part of empowering our clients to fulfill this mission.

How is Tyler uniquely qualified to help communities solve problems?

At Tyler, our sole focus is on empowering people who serve the public through our great team members and software products. We are uniquely able to help communities by connecting federal, state, and local government systems and information. That connectivity allows our elected officials to gain insights into data that will allow them to make the best decisions and provide more efficient and positive experiences for their citizens. That combination of exclusive focus, commitment to efficiency, and recognition of the role of data gives us a unique position when it comes to helping communities.

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