StocktonStat Shares Performance Tips

February 12, 2021 by Beth Amann

StocktonStat Shares Performance Tips

Strategic planning isn’t a once-a-year activity for Stockton, California. It’s a consistently reviewed, data-driven activity that goes above and beyond to drive real change.

That’s what Katie Regan, director of performance and data analytics in Stockton, California, is seeking with StocktonStat. Katie recently shared the city’s best practices and strategies during an online gathering of performance teams hosted by Tyler Technologies.

The Performance Community of Practice gathers leaders from local government together to share best practices and innovative progress in performance management. The group features performance programs at all levels of governments, including Austin, Memphis, and Iowa. The group gathered for the first event of 2021 in February to review the steps Stockton took to implement an office of data and analytics and the forthcoming open data portal.

Stockton built the office of performance and data analytics in February 2020 on the values of accountability, collaboration, innovation, and transparency.

Katie walked the community through the evolution of performance management in the city, where they are now, and offered a view of where they want to go. The city’s performance management system, StocktonStat, increases opportunities to discuss operations, address issues, and invest in solutions.

"We're not going to start knowing everything and being perfect, and, you know, hit the ground running,” Katie said. “But we'll build this together. It has been and will continue to be a very collaborative effort.”

With this data-driven approach, the city is poised to deliver better, faster, and smarter service.

Katie ended her presentation with a list of open questions for the community.

  • How are APIs impacting and/or supporting your work?
  • Are you leveraging fractal analysis for public safety response times?
  • How have you "right-sized" your benchmarking?

About the Performance Community of Practice

Government leaders at the state, local, and federal level join the Performance Community of Practice to share data-driven approaches to improving outcomes for the organizations and communities they serve. To learn more about joining the community, check out our website here.

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