Self Service for Employees, Citizens and Vendors

Munis Product Suite

Munis Self Service for Employees, Citizens & Vendors — The Total Package

Munis Self Service Solutions provide employees, citizens and vendors with fast and easy access to important information and services — anytime and from anywhere. Web-based Munis Self Service applications actively extract information directly from your Munis database and make it available in real time from any computer with a secure Internet connection.

Employee Self Service

Employees can easily monitor and maintain personal and employment information — including paid time off accruals and requests, pay and contract history, benefits selections, job openings, performance evaluations, announcements and more — with Munis Employee Self Service Software.

  • A built-in pay calculator allows employees to see the effect changes to their withholding amounts will have on their net take home pay
  • Full workflow functionality means notifications are sent directly to an employee's manager when paid time off (PTO) is requested, and employees are alerted when a request has been approved or denied
  • True integration with Microsoft Outlook® allows Munis Employee Self Service to automatically populate each employee's Microsoft Outlook calendar once PTO is approved

Human resource representatives are freed to spend more time acting in a consultant rather than administrative role and employees have instant access to the answers they need.

Citizen Self Service

Munis Citizen Self Service provides residents in your jurisdiction with Web-based access to municipal information and services. With Munis Citizen Services, citizens can:

  • View or pay bills and invoices — such as real estate taxes, utility bills, personal property taxes, business licenses, motor vehicle registrations and animal licenses — by credit card or bank account
  • Make non-emergency requests of specific municipal departments
  • View official records online, including annual reports, meeting minutes, agendas and more

Citizens have access to improved services, and your employees are free to focus on more strategic tasks.

Vendor Self Service

Whether a vendor is seeking or placing a bid, checking current and past purchase order detail, or creating and updating a profile, Munis Vendor Self Service provides your organization’s vendors with access to key information and business records.

Vendors can:

  • Create a profile and update it at any time
  • Search, place and accept bids online
  • Track existing bids and update until open period ends
  • Search POs, checks and invoices
  • View messages and links on the home page
  • Access documents, such as vendor direct deposit forms and catalogues

Employee time spent maintaining vendor information is significantly reduced, and vendors have an easy way to manage bids.