Case Manager

Odyssey Case Manager

Odyssey Case Manager — the Leader in Court Software

Organize and protect mission-critical data for improved interoperability.

Secure and manage your highly sensitive data about court cases and the people involved in them with Tyler's Odyssey Case Manager. As the heart of the Odyssey software suite, Case Manager is highly configurable and adaptable to evolving with local and legislative requirements. Whether functioning as a single case-type system — or as the hub of a unified and highly integrated courts and justice software solution — you control who has access to information on your system. That means you have the flexibility you need to not only secure your data — but to also improve workflow and maximize efficiency.

Tyler's case management software is:

  • Straightforward: Intuitively navigate the system quickly and easily.
  • Efficient: Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Flexible: Customize to fit your court's specific needs.
  • Seamless: Integrate document management and workflow.
  • Secure: Protect sensitive data.


Track All Aspects of Your Court

No matter the size or scope of your court's requirements — from the most basic functions to the most advanced case management abilities — Tyler's Odyssey Case Manager has the scalability and flexibility to meet your needs.

Tyler's case management software combines advanced functionality with ease-of-use. You can manage complete case histories, process documents and handle cash/bond transactions, all the while benefitting from comprehensive security and auditing functions. Simply stated, Odyssey Case Manager can track all aspects of court management.

With Tyler Case Manager, you can:

  • Manage all aspects of court administration.
  • Locate case information and attach multiple file types.
  • Create and view dockets in various ways.
  • Generate forms, letters and a variety of reports with advanced tools.
  • Calculate fees, fines and distribute payments automatically.
  • Search data fast using many different criteria.