Check Manager

Odyssey Check Manager

Odyssey Check Manager

Track, manage, process and audit bad check records with ease.

Empower your organization to process and manage bad or hot check records easily with Odyssey Check Manager. This simple yet powerful tool can turn an otherwise time-consuming and confusing task into an efficient and straightforward process.

Powerful Information Tracking

With Odyssey Check Manager, you can quickly track all check information from background and demographics to assessment of varying fees, payments and credits. Plus, this robust management tool enables you to audit and modify defendant party and check record information — enabling you take a more proactive role in responding to hot checks.

Seamless Integration

By integrating with the Odyssey Financial Manager, you can further streamline bad check tracking and management by populating demographic and financial information throughout the Odyssey system, automatically. Therefore you can eliminate duplicate data entry and minimize the risk of human error.

The system also systematically alerts all affected parties, streamlining processes even further. For example, law enforcement personnel can track the history of hot checks, while attorneys and court staff can access audit and tracking data as needed. With Odyssey Check Manager, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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