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Odyssey Content Management

Odyssey Content Management

Capture complete case information with ease.

With Odyssey’s fully integrated Content Management application, it’s easy to capture every piece of information associated with a case–from text documents to other electronic media, such as pictures and videos. As part of the robust Odyssey application suite, Content Management enables you to streamline and organize all the data you need — and securely share that information with others.


Tightly integrated into the Odyssey product suite, Odyssey Content Management makes documents seamlessly available across all Odyssey applications. As a result, it’s easy to securely share essential documents. There’s no new or separate software to learn or use. You can perform content management tasks immediately from within Odyssey, and then access all of the content associated with a case, event or person—all from one central location.

Simple and Flexible

Odyssey delivers all the document management features you need — from scanning documents individually or in batches to uploading documents for easy access. In fact, you have several options as to how you weave document scanning into Odyssey and your normal workflow. The goal is a smooth, seamless and streamlined process that consolidates all important information in one centralized location.

Odyssey also allows you to attach various data items (like an event, hearing or warrant) to your content or even to a person. Then, the content can be flexibly accessed directly from that data item, or through the Documents Tab of the whole case file.


As you know, traditional document storage consumes a huge amount of network bandwidth, spreads duplicate and outdated files across multiple servers and turns backups into nightmares. Yet, with Odyssey you can simply store, access and manipulate your essential case information — with just a few clicks. Using Remote Document Storage, content is stored remotely with concurrent information maintained locally. That means you can quickly access content from wherever you are without consuming unnecessary network bandwidth or wasting hardware resources.


Odyssey includes a powerful security model for all electronic content, fully configurable by your system administrator. You can create any number of document security groups. By requiring users to have both access to the specific data record and the specific document types, you can better control who can see sensitive data. And as with all Odyssey applications, data is secured with military-grade encryption and multi-level security protocols.

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