Odyssey ePayment Manager

Odyssey ePayment Manager — Process Payments Fast & Easy

Powerful online and over-the-counter payment software

Now you can deliver even more streamlined, value-added services to your customers with the Odyssey ePayment Manager. Built upon Tyler’s powerful technology platform, this robust application enables you to process and manage over-the-counter and online payments for citations, case filings, court fees and more — and creating a more efficient, streamlined workflow on the back end. And ePayment Manager seamlessly integrates with the entire Odyssey Courts & Justice product suite to help you put technology to work for you — while delivering enhanced flexibility and helping you maximize the return on your investment.

Over-the-Counter and Online Payments

Easily process and manage over-the-counter payments with this comprehensive solution. Tyler even provides all necessary hardware, including magnetic-stripe readers, PIN-pads and check scanners.

Online payments are conducted through an intuitive and user-friendly Web-based Public Access portal. The convenience and ease of use enables you to increase online revenues delivering high return-on-investment. Real-time payment processing yields fast 48-hour settlement of funds to the financial institution of your choice.

Advanced functionality includes:

  • Acceptance of credit cards and checks.
  • Real-time payment processing.
  • Automated reconciliation of convenience fees.
  • Comprehensive, configurable reporting.

Complete Compliance

To ensure you are always in compliance, Odyssey ePayment Manager is PCI DSS compliant and requires no PCI validation from our customers. Your servers and networks will never process, transmit or store any unencrypted card data, removing them from the scope of any PCI audit.

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