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Odyssey File & Serve Empowers Paperless Productivity via e-Filing

Simplify processing and maximize productivity.

Now you can make e-filing even easier for courts and the legal community with Odyssey File & Serve (formerly Wiznet). This powerful application enables documents to be filed, served, distributed and delivered electronically. With Tyler’s deep industry experience and market-leading user-focused design, Odyssey File & Serve offers advanced functionality that's convenient and easy to use. Even for users unfamiliar with e-filing, Odyssey takes a cumbersome process and simplifies it using a few clicks of a mouse.

For the Courts

Odyssey File & Serve simplifies the workload for overworked staff by reducing both document processing time and courthouse traffic, so users can focus on higher priority tasks. In contrast to traditional filing, e-filing saves:

  • Manpower and man-hours — The need for physical handling, storage and security evaporates.
  • Paper — The average courthouse can save 5,000 reams of paper or 300 trees a year.
  • Money — A small convenience fee can help courthouses pay for the system within a few years.

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For the Legal Community

Odyssey File & Serve takes one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks facing law offices – document processing and filing — and transforms it into a simple exercise that literally requires just the click of a mouse. In contrast to traditional filing, e-filing saves:

  • Time — Average filing time drops from seven minutes to one; plus, no more time in lines.
  • Travel — Anywhere, anytime online access means no more trips to the courthouse or elsewhere.
  • Costs — Users reap the cost-saving benefits of streamlined document processing.

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Seamless Integration

Like all Odyssey products, Odyssey File & Serve integrates seamlessly into the Odyssey product suite (as well as other case management solutions). Documents filed through our e-filing solution can be easily shared with other applications within Odyssey, so all interested parties can have instant, real-time access to the documents they need. Advanced configuration options and military-grade data encryption ensures sensitive information stays safe and reaches only those users who need it.

What Clients Say

New Mexico, Minnesota and Clark County, Nevada clients discuss productivity gains and space savings obtained by e-filing with Odyssey.

State of Texas
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