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Odyssey File & Serve Optimizes Court Filings and Document Management

Deliver timely, open and affordable access to your court system.

While the entire Odyssey product suite offers tremendous power and flexibility, you may just find Odyssey File & Serve, in and of itself, makes an enormous impact on your productivity and efficiency. This simple, yet powerful application transforms paper-chaos into paperless simplicity by helping you electronically manage you court documents through e-filing.

This powerful technology allows:

  • Documents to be filed anytime, anywhere via a simple and secure web portal.
  • Legal documents to be effortlessly submitted online with just a few clicks.
  • E-filed documents are instantly available to your office and throughout the Odyssey product suite.

Centralized Access

With Odyssey File & Serve, all documents are filed through a single, secure, centralized online location. Instant online credit card transactions handle any applicable fees, with payment processing powered by Tyler. And because Odyssey File & Serve is integrated seamlessly into the Odyssey product suite (as well as other case management systems), it eliminates manual data entry and additional document processing — while enabling easy document tracking, reporting and auditing at every point in the process.

In short, Odyssey File & Serve means that file folders and storage cabinets full of paper documents can be filed, processed and distributed — all with the click of a button. Better yet, thanks to Odyssey's industry-leading usability with a straightforward interface, File & Serve works just as easily for your staff as it does for the legal community and the public at large.

Harness the Benefits

Odyssey File & Serve saves you and your staff:

  • Time — Processing time collapses and documents are immediately available.
  • Overhead — No more storage, physical security or manual labor is required to handle documents.
  • Personnel — Staff can focus on higher priority and more demanding tasks.
  • Money — Automated document processing means cost-per-transaction significantly decreases.

Normally, courts charge a convenience fee for e-filing, which creates a new revenue stream for cash-strapped agencies. In fact, the convenience fees can actually pay for this cost-effective system in just a couple of years.

And as with all Tyler applications, we ensure best practices are employed to keep sensitive documents safe. From advanced firewalls with application layering to military-grade data encryption to rigorous registration and authorization protocols, Tyler employs industry-leading security procedures.

What Clients Say


Dallas County, Texas uses mandatory e-filing to eliminate paper from initiation to disposition.

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