Odyssey File & Serve for Filers

Odyssey File & Serve

Odyssey File & Serve for Lawyers

Simplify your most tedious and time-consuming tasks.

As a lawyer, you have an endless number of tasks and data to manage. That's why we designed a special version of our Odyssey File & Serve (formerly Wiznet) just for you — helping you efficiently manage your court documents through e-filing. This powerful technology completely eliminates the cost and manpower required to print, copy, secure, store, deliver and file legal documents.

Plus, File & Serve helps your staff focus on higher priority, more demanding tasks without wasting time standing in line or processing box-loads of paperwork. In addition, Odyssey File & Serve breaks through the constraints of traditional document management and filing with:

  • Online tracking and proof of delivery.
  • 24/7 filing and access to documents.
  • Courtesy copies at no additional charge.

How Odyssey File & Serve Works

  • Documents can be filed anytime, anywhere via a simple, secure Web portal.
  • It just takes a few clicks to submit documents (one-time registration is free).
  • E-filed documents are then instantly available for access and tracking.
  • Advanced search functionality indexes, bookmarks and finds documents in seconds.

Robust Technology that Works for You

Odyssey is founded on powerful functionality delivered through an easy-to-use interface. In other words, Odyssey File & Serve serves people first. So while Odyssey simplifies paperwork and filing, the solution is equally powerful at executing essential tasks for you — with just the click of a mouse. And whether you are technically proficient or a relative newcomer to e-filing, the easy-to-use Odyssey File & Serve has the versatility to meet you where you are.

As with all Tyler applications, we ensure best practices are employed to keep sensitive documents safe. From advanced firewalls with application layering to military-grade data encryption to rigorous registration and authorization protocols, Tyler employs industry-leading security procedures.