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Odyssey Index Solution

Process permits and licenses faster and smarter.

Every day, government agencies across the country issue thousands of licenses and permits for a range of citizen needs — including marriage, firearm ownership and home improvements. From distributing and processing applications to managing records and providing statistical reports, this process is highly complex and could easily overwhelm an office without the right resources in place. With the powerful Odyssey Index solution, you can transform tedious tasks that might demand hours or days of manual labor into a few mouse clicks and instant processing.

Enhanced, Integrated Functionality

Odyssey Index seamlessly integrates with the Odyssey Product Suite to deliver expanded functionality. For example, Odyssey Index can retrieve and/or share data with other Odyssey applications to eliminate duplicate data entry — and you can even process payments from within the Odyssey system. And through the Web-enabled Odyssey Public Access application, you can give the public easy access to license and permit applications through the Internet — reducing foot traffic to your office while providing more responsive citizen service.

Automated Processes

Odyssey automates many of the most time-consuming tasks associated with licenses and permits. You can process applications according to pre-defined rules, with decisions rendered instantly. Odyssey can automatically calculate effective and expiration dates, as well as fees. In fact, payments can be processed immediately in real time. The system can also be customized to easily update records — helping you keep more accurate information.

Quick, Intuitive Access

Like the rest of the Odyssey product suite, Odyssey Index was specifically designed to provide user-friendly navigation throughout the system. It can easily organize complex information into intuitive categories, which can quickly be accessed via tabs. With a simple click, you can search for records using almost any piece of data — such as identifier, application/permit/certificate number, date issued, party name and social security number. And you can also create and print custom lists of permits and licenses.

Extensive Reporting

Permits and licenses also empower local communities to track important statistics for their own use, or to comply with state and federal guidelines. Odyssey Index is fully enabled with powerful, configurable reporting capabilities to connect communities to the information they need. You can create and print pre-set detailed reports instantly, or create simple forms-driven queries. Whatever information you need to report, Odyssey Index will let you do it faster, smarter and better.

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